Opinion: Dick as a spy

It’s a very different take on Dick Grayson as a character, and I am willing to keep an open mind about it. But Dick being so casual in his handling of guns feels like a slap to Bruce Wayne’s face and that’s not the Dick Grayson I like. Being raised by Bruce as he is, I like to think that Dick would have a very healthy respect for guns and wouldn’t take his handling of it lightly - and this makes for quite an angsty story premise already.

So, I have some hope that the Grayson issues would have some good writing that actually tells a compelling story (hear that, DC? I want a STORY not a friggin’ explosion or death!) but I’m very skeptical about it because of how DC has treated and is still treating Dick Grayson as a character. One thing for sure though, I hate that cover. The square jawline fits Bruce more than Dick.


Anonymous said: thank you for that but do you have an image of that or something? if not, then I'll try to make my own pattern. Thank you! :) long live dick grayson, and you lol

My patterns are all on the site :) You can search for them on the site itself.


Anonymous said: where'd you get the nightwing pattern for the friendship bracelet?! i really wanna make one too so ... :'( please give me a link or something. Thank you in advance! :)

I made the pattern using the maker from this site: http://friendship-bracelets.net/

A good reason to patronize this restaurant

A good reason to patronize this restaurant


hawkstout said: I got it at a Dollarama for the best two bucks I ever spent.

Demmit. Slim chance of it ever finding its way here :(


So DC’s cancelling Nightwing. Frankly, I’m not surprised. It just further shows how arrogant DC is that they don’t listen to what the fans want and how in denial they are in insisting that the reboot is doing wonders for their business.


Just another rant

That panel in Justice League 25… *facepalm* really, Mrs Wayne? Putting on lipstick out in the streets and in the DARK?? I can understand the high-class-arrogance the artist may be trying to convey but…lipstick? Really? Instead of, I don’t know, maybe fluffing up the fur coat? Or straightening the very stylish hat?

Batfam wandering around in daylight. How rare is this? Lol.

Batfam wandering around in daylight. How rare is this? Lol.

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